Chefchaouen, or Chaouen, as some locals call it, is a touristic town in the Rif Mountains, North-Est of Morocco.

Due to its location in the mountains, Chefchaouen can only be accessible by car or bus. Not always direct connections from major cities in Morocco, it is often recommended to stop to close-by cities like Tangier or Tetouan, and then take a bus to Chaouen. Visit CTM website for buses and  ONCF for trains.

Once there, you will recognise the Spanish influence, including with the locals. Most of them, especially the youths, speak Spanish.  An influence not only from the Spanish. First founded in 1471 by the Jews and Moorish refugees running away from the Reconquista in Spain, the city develops as a fortress to fight the Portuguese invasion in 1971. But it’s in 1920 that the Spanish seize the town. And thus, until the Moroccan independence in 1956.

An attractive destination among tourists, Chaouen offers and elegant and unique scenery in a relax environment. It’s particularity: the blue walls. During the 1930’s, and Germany’s war on Jews, many flew to nearby countries, including Morocco.  It is at this time that the Jews decided to paint the walls in blue, a sign of the sky, heavens and a reminder to live a life of spiritual awareness in the Judaism.

Chefchaouen Gallery


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